Conflict to Cooperation


"Cooperation starts with the classroom as a small river - students take this spirit with them into the wider world, which is the ocean".

George  Jacobs emphasises the need to embrace cooperation as a value that offers not only a way of learning but also a way of life.

 The development of our project has been inspired by a number of current affairs:

-  we are in the midst of the centenary of WW1 

-  it is over ten years since the expansion of the European Community to 28 countries

-  In 2012 The EU was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in recognition of the achievement of long term peace among previously warring states yet we are faced in 2015 with shocking scenes of terrorism such as the attacks in Paris and the influx of hundreds of thousands of migrants fleeing civil war, a pernicious drift to the right in politics across Europe, outbreaks of fervent nationalism, the emergence of independence movements within several states and a series of horrific religious/ racially motivated attacks.

In this project we wish to equip the individual to deal with conflict at all levels, from the personal through to the interpersonal - intercommunity - international levels thus preparing them for roles of responsibility and employment in an ever-changing, ever-growing global village. At every stage of the project we will work from conflict to cooperation, from the personal to the international, basing our work on exploring a series of topics: religion, the environment, immigration, social issues, politics and gender.

We aim to instil the values of honesty, respect, cooperation, openness, courage and empathy and show how we can learn from our mistakes to prevent history repeating itself.