4th Meeting

Poland : 13 -19 May

Before having this meeting

All the students studied the topic involving  different teachers and subjects.

They read some books, saw some films, listened to some songs , analyzed some war poets's poems.

They worked in groups presenting their works in their school and getting ready to share everything with the co2co team , once in Poland.

In Italy

The students had a special lesson with the History teacher

Click on the image to see the power points


here are some lessons prepared by the English Erasmus team

The Polish Team

They saw the film : Savior (1998)     Predrag Antonijević

Students participate in creating a theme around their chosen issues related to the concept of political conflics.

We remember the "Sanatorium of death" - Lubliniec, light candles on the graves of disabled children murdered by Germans as part of the T4 campaign.